Getting ready for the first shipment to South Africa!

The start was slow but is now picking up speed! We have the big (specially made) crate ready which we will stock with the new barefoot dingy, BBQ, tools, fishing gear, galley equipment ,towels etc. Mostly things we already had and would like to have with us on the boat – like my Jamie Oliver pan!! Cannot immagine live without him!
The maps and books still need to be studied and hopefully most of the information will get stuck!

3 thoughts on “Getting ready for the first shipment to South Africa!”

  1. Right, you guys are slowly getting close to the launch date – when are you due in Cape Town?


  2. Can’t wait 4 u to arrive….still a few days to go !!!! good luck with the last things 2 do !!

  3. Hi John!
    Thanks for making contact! Please email your contact phone no to me. I will be leaving Australia on the 14th September and will be in CT the next day. Henriette will be there on the 8th September. We are very much in the final stages of getting things locked up to go!! Looking forward to see you there!

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