Our first Test Sail on Scolamanzi – Cape Town

Scolamanzi out on the open waters to play with the big whale that was waiting just outside the Cape Town harbour! Was a little over cast but still a great thrill to open the sails…although it was only for a while!….

2 thoughts on “Our first Test Sail on Scolamanzi – Cape Town”

  1. Hello Dr. & Mrs. Scholtz,

    We arrived back in Moranbah (for the rodeo) and to see our favourite Doctor only to find that he and his wife are on the high seas, doing what we are doing, only on sea not land. Our website is just Dave’s photos which he is into again, but it also gives a bit of an idea of where we have been and will be going while we can.

    Hope you have a fabously trip and rejoy the solitude after the last 13 years of busyness.

    Safe travel. We will keep following your voyage.

    Kind regards,
    Dave & Jen

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