The Voyage has started!! …and our Contact details

Sherryl and har Friend...great bunch of girls to know!!
Bon Voyage!!

Ben whatching as we leave!The trip has finally started for us on Scolamanzi….I promised everyone to post the information of our Satellite Phone on the website …we will have it switched on most of the time but remember that you can also send a SMS to the sat phone! We will be able to send email through it and update the blog…..

SAT PHONE NO: +870776418279

Keep an eye on the Blog…that’s where most of it will happen!!

To my new friend Sherryl that was at the birth seconds before we departed…thank you so much for coming to wave us Bon Voyage!! You are the sweetest little (?crazy) thing and I am looking forward to see you in France!! Get the sails up girl!!

It is good to know the “good bye” stage is now done and dusted…that is the one part of holidaying that I am terrible with!! I love all the rest of it!! And…now that we will get on to the more adventureous part of it…I will make sure I have fun and if I don’t …you will hear about that too…sorry…that’s how it will be….

Great weather to start with…mild and meek…..for the rookies in the game …Fantastic!! I know that some of us were secretly hoping for 20-30lmpot winds…I could see it in his eyes!!…That will come…I’m sure…but for now – I love the Cape of Storm if she is relaxed and happy…..

Rosemary and Hoffie – thank you for the early start this morning to come all the way for a quick hug and a wave!! It was great knowing someone is seeing us off!!

To all my sisters and friends that contributed to the most fantastic start of this special time of our lives … you made memories that will be with us forever!!! It was so special to have you all around us …will miss you all dearly and will wait for you …sometime…somewhere…to join us!

Hanlie and Japie – you guys made it possible to get us on the way!! Thank you for your huge contribution from…giving us a car , your house, your hearts…the nice times we had with you…the great friend we met through you…we will have to make it up to you in a very special way….whenever you are ready to join us…let ,me know!!

3 thoughts on “The Voyage has started!! …and our Contact details”

  1. Bon Voyage all of you!!!! May the wind fill your sails and King Neptune be your greatest friend!!!!!! Have a wonderful trip and we eagerly await your blogs and news. Hamba Kahle!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Diane

  2. hi….wich i was there for just a last hug and a good bey… will be in my hart forever !! enjoy the trip, will miss u all so much….love u all alot !!

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