The first two days of our Crossing

We started with fairly light wind conditions and was amazed by how quickly the temperature dropped to beanie and boots weather! Night one was testing…to say the least …thankfully we had consistent winds but to stay awake on top of the anti nausea tablets was not easy…3 hours was just long hold back any longer could have become a messy affair!…but we made it!..The first night’s dinner (a Macaroni and Cheese dish) my sister made prior to leaving did not get too much attention until the next morning…
The morning after the first night – we were all woken by a commotion on board just to find Ben with a very nice Longfin Tuna!It was blood everywhere and Captain J has stopped all fishing for the day right there and then! ha…you just can’t have it both ways…either fish and blood on the deck or NO fish and a clean boat?? …they are working on the alcohol technique…except that no one wants to part with their spirits for the sake of killing a fish without bleeding it!…the committee will have another sitting tonight! (LoL) Needles to say…we had fresh sashimi for lunch and beautifully sheared tuna fillets, potatoes and salad for dinner!…except the tuna we also picked up a little Bosduifie (“Bossie”)who decided to hang around for 5-6 hours and then aimed straight for the west coast and off she went! was great to have different company on board for a while…

The winds were pretty strong (25-28 knots) last night – it has dropped down now – we even had the spinnaker up for a brief moment which moved us along quite nicely but had to take it off after a while when the winds started picking up again. It is much more pleasant today and I am sure the sea legs have grown to knee hight by now and that we would all enjoy the hotdogs for lunch!

We are just about in line with Port Nolloth about 190 nautical miles off the coastline…so don’t wait to wave for us there! But..if any of my family in Namibia see a gray blowup travel pillow on the beach near Swakkopmund or Walvisbay….please pick it up – I’ve lost it this morning over board when I have tried to sneak in a catnap while on watch! Suppose this is Neptune’s punishment for cheating…

7 thoughts on “The first two days of our Crossing”

  1. Think I am brain washed, but fish and blood on the boat sounds right to me!! LOL. XXX. Good to hear from you all.Have fun and we look forward to the next episode…..

  2. Thanx for the update! hope the fish carry on biting! Looking forward to the next update!
    Have fun & be safe!
    Love you Daddy/Jabu

  3. Wow, Johann, you have already caught more fish in two days, than we caught on our whole trip around Tonga, untill Willie caught our one and only!! Enjoy your life experience!!

  4. Fascinating and amusing ‘log’of your journey on the ocean wave so far – Jeff, up there must be intrigued. We loved the pics of St Helena – not at all as we imagined. Best wishes for fair winds and a kind seas on the next leg of your journey….Rosemary sounds so excited about seeing you on on the Carribean terra firma in a few weeks time!

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