17 Days away

I cannot believe it is already 17 days since we have left Cape Town! Everything happened so quickly – the six weeks in South Africa flew…and all of a sudden I found myself on a yacht in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with absolutely no land in sight! If you have asked me 10 years ago if I would ever do this (crossing the ocean ans spend 5 months on a yacht?)…my guess is I would have reply NO! Never! I hate the Sun and Wind! Not good for my skin …etc. My family and friends will know this is true..I do not like the sun and wind…and therefor sailing was never high on my priority list….that is exactly where my message lies…

Don’t we all need to get out of our comfort zone and start taking on the things in life that we think we do not like or unlikely would spend time on? Shouldn’t we all go out there and test the waters and make memories? Every new challenge is one that you will think of as either you will never do it again or…I should have done this a looong timeago! But…either way I can guarantee you ..you will be glad you took it on…

To all of you who recognise the challenges that is waiting there for you …my wish is that you will never hesitate …doors are there to open before you close them…and on that journey you will meet the most amazing people and make fantastic friends….

This is what is happening with us now…Can you belief that the Wind has now become my best friend?


2 thoughts on “17 Days away”

  1. Henriette
    I agree with every word you say – I have always said that when I am sitting in my rocking chair I would like to tell my great grandkids that ”I did that!” instead of saying ”I wished I had” – I have known too many people who wanted to do certain things in their life but never did. Life is definitely for living. Am so happy for you:-)
    Take care
    Love Jan

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