Living with (like) dolphins

Living with (like) dolphins:

I could not believe that we haven’t seen any dolphins yet? I remember from our days living on the West Coast of South Africa how often we have encountered them! You would hardly have had your boat in the water and they will be surfing your wake and playing around the bow! Well ever since we’ve left Cape Town, we have not seen ANY! (Ben claims he has spotted some in a distance shortly after we have left but …it was at the end of a night shift and we all thought he might just be tired and need some rest…ha!)
Well this morning early Ben (surprise, surprise!) has noticed them in a distance! They must have been feeding on sardines or flying fish about 50m away before coming straight for us! I mean like bullets coming for us!
It was amazing to watch as they do their little criss-cross manoeuvre in the front of the boat! Which makes it hard to count them too as they are just sooo quick, but we all thought there must have been about 15-20 of them! Unbelievable animals! They just beam happiness! They seem to absolutely love to be around and enjoy every moment in the clear blue water and are just having oodles of fun playing their own game of speed and accuracy together!
How I adore those creatures of fun, excellence and precision!

I really hope to be a dolphin in my next life!… and I think I might start living that way ..You know…slowly getting into the fun and happiness bit of it…just in case my dreams come true!
🙂 H

2 thoughts on “Living with (like) dolphins”

  1. That would have been awesome to see! Yes suprise surprise of course Jabu spotted the dolphins! 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys again!!

    Mss and love you loads Jabu
    Love Jan and Raechel xxx

  2. What a lovely surprise … and sight Henriette – which brings me to say that you sound like the ideal candidate for our campaign – please please go to and ”click and save”. We see these and other beautiful creatures near our new home – it has been one of the highlights for our family and friends – and they are endangered. We would like them to continue to have fun and happiness like we all want to.
    So enjoy your updates.
    Love to your self and JS

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