Neptune’s Anger and his Fancydress Ball!

Neptune’s Anger and his Fancydress Ball!

We all(re-frase: most of us) thought it will be a great idea to swim across the equator once we got there…but last night was a rough one – and I mean ROUGH!! Stormy seas and howling winds and the boysterous sailing took its toll with a pretty big splash into my bathroom (hatch was not properly closed!…which we now know means it is OPEN!) You know that it was a very rough night if you find a baby flying fish on your bathroom floor and in the toilet bowl!!!Neptune was certainly NOT HAPPY at all with our idea and made sure it will not happen!…

And so with the deafening sound of the “Baby Vuvazella” and whistles ….thhe announcement came through that the time has come – at 02H27 on 30 November 2010 at 00°00′ 42°45’W…that Scolamanzi had the honour of carrying 4 crew members across the equator!!!
Legends have it that you will be called a POLLYWOG until you have had the courage, time and means to cross the equator by sea on a sailing vessel at which time the title of SHELLBACK will be bestowed on you by the captain of the boat on behalf of NEPTUNUS REX (Ruler of the Raging Main). We were all initiated into the SOLEMN MYSTERIES OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF THE DEEP during a ceremony dressed up in the most outrages (if I dare say so…) outfits! Fishing lures doubled as jewelry and strange body decorations and fish hooks as ear rings and Camera tripods as crowns! to turn out some pretty hilarious figures that could at best be described as an scary looking underworld Zoeloe-Neptunus-Indoena and his mates the pirate, a gypsy pick-up, and the 2Ic of Neptune! The full xtend of this occasion can only be demonstrated with visual footage…and I promise it will come! ha! That was one of the more memorable moments of the trip! Ben’s outfit cracked us up! Well thought out Ben!

There you go…
We normally go with “What Happens at Sea stays at Sea”…but this one – I have to say is hard not to share!

3 thoughts on “Neptune’s Anger and his Fancydress Ball!”

  1. i am soooooo excited whenever i read your mail!!!!
    thanks for doing it, its inspiring and thrilling!!!!!!
    well done, i am extremely proud of you miss tiny tot:)
    who does the cooking and the meals etc??
    have u caught fish??
    big hug and lots of love
    chez patrick

  2. It feels like yesterday that you started planning this adventure and look at you now! Shellbacks and no longer Pollywogs!! When do you expect to arrive? Will be strange your first steps on dry land after such a long time at sea. Waiting to hear more.

  3. Whatever, sure beats wet-nursing water-logged charter parties in The Whitsundays at this time of the year! .. remember to smile, Adrian, when y’on candid camera!
    .. otherwise we jus’ might think y’ not havin’ fun !!

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