Why no pictures??

Why no pictures??

I was asked a few times to add pictures to the short blogs – I have them all ready to add, but it will cost a small fortune to do it with the satellite internet connection. What I plan to do it so add them with every entry as an update on the blog and of cause a few more on the website.
So keep looking out for them – we should be enjoying the weired but wonderful feeling of solid ground by tomorrow – and hope to stay for 2 days in Trinedad before moving on to Grenada. So hopefully by day 2 I will have some photo’s up there for you!!

2 thoughts on “Why no pictures??”

  1. Hi Ma!

    I’m in Florida, got here safe and sound. Haven’t lost anything yet (my arse is still attached to my spine thank you very much!) Am currently staying with some friends near West Palm beach, having a great time! America is so cheap and… AWESOME! Can’t wait to see you guys, will try to get in touch again soon, maybe give you a call on the sat phone? Take care and avoid those filthy pirates at all costs!

    Lots of Love,


  2. Hi seevaarders / -rowers, toe mis ek sowaar die trip oor die ewenaar – was dieselde dag ook op pad oor die ewenaar van noord na suid – uit die sneeu na die sponskyn!! Geluk – noooit gedink dit gaan/kan regtig gebeur nie!!

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