Latest Pictures of Trinidad

Well…we have to leave the Crew’s Inn Marina in Chaguaramas! We had a great time here but with us leaving this lovely place I also have to leave the free internet…and therefor the short note only! Hope the pictures will do the talking and tell the tales !

3 thoughts on “Latest Pictures of Trinidad”

  1. Hello to you all!! We have so enjoyed you accounts of life at sea!! Would love to know what you have been cooking!!!
    Good wishes for a fantastic blessed Christmas wherever you are!! Raining and storming in Joburg xxxxx

  2. Hi Theresa and Sherryl!
    Hope you will have a great Xmas too and all the best for the sailing plans for 2011!! Make it happen!
    Henriette and Johann

  3. Wow Dad, i nearly mistook you for Santa claus with a black beard!! hahaha Hope you’re shaving before you get home, otherwise Raech wont recognise you!! Love Ja Lots!! see you next week!! CANT WAIT!!!! MWAH

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