Music, Entertainment and Restaurants in Grenada

From the local plastic chairs and fake flowers to the beach side tables at the flashest restaurand in Prickly Bay…the food is out of this world! Seafood are fresh and with bursts of flavours unknown to us and the curries are to die for!! The music is growing like moss on you! Beatiful music made by beautiful people!
Traditional dishes are:
Roti (a pancake based wrap with beef or lamb or chicken or Lambi(conch) fillings – see picture of conch shells.

About twenty different kinds of fish are caught off the coasts. Both fish and chicken dishes are served at many meals. Popular Caribbean staples include pigeon peas and rice, and “callaloo,” a dish made from callaloo greens, okra, salted pork, crab, and fresh fish.
The dish most closely identified with Grenada is “oildown,” a mixture of salted pork and breadfruit steamed in coconut milk. We have not come accros that one yet! Sounds very different…
Another favorite is “turtle toes,” a combination of ground lobster, conch, and other seafood shaped into balls and deep fried. That we had and it is to die for! I don’t really like the name of this one!! Ha!

Popular beverages include locally brewed beer; rum punch spiced with lime juice, syrup, and grated nutmeg; “mauby,” a soft drink made from the bark of the maubi tree; and cocoa tea made from cocoa beans and spices steeped in hot milk.
As we keep exploring I will add to this list of weird and wonderful dishes and their pictures!

4 thoughts on “Music, Entertainment and Restaurants in Grenada”

  1. Agge nee man, dit is net ongelooflik – en mens kan dit nie eers sien, ruik of hoor van hierdie kant af nie! E N J O Y !!!

  2. Really really wish we could be experiencing this with you. All sounds so amazing. Very different to Tonga? Keep the pictures coming please!

  3. dis ongelooflik as mens na die foto’s kyk….weet nie of mens ooit sal wil terug gaan na die “werklike lewe” toe nie……ek is mal ori foto van Johann en jou….dis so ongelooflik mooi…..julle lyk tevrede en so gelukkig….hoe dan ook anders !!

  4. Dit is regtig fantasties! Daar is harde werk ook …maar die lekker is 100x meer!! Jy sal moet kom kuier!

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