Secret Harbour – joined by family

We almost had this little harbour / marina to ourselves. We met Shaun there that is an ex-South-African from Durban but has been working and living in Grenada for 8 years. He and Tiki his dog was our only company and one extra family with 2 kids. It was really lovely and quiet (but way too expensive to stay!) The shopping area was a steep 6-8 km away and I mean steep hills! It was great exercising but Man… It is hot and humid and really – a taxi would be a much better option…at least that is how we normally would have gone back to the marina!

We did a short 4hour tour of the southern part of Grenada with Rosemary and Kriegler. This area is definitely “Richman- Valley” with Mansions (really big once!) everywhere! Huge houses that often only get used over winter holidays – probably trying to flee from the sub zero temperatures of the UK, Europe and USA! Must cost a fortune to maintain -the labour here is not cheap at all!

You will still see the traces of the French influence in the architecture and Names of places and bays. All very charming and beautiful!

About the Pictures: Secret Harbour and Sceneries of the Southern Parts of Grenada

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