And then there were two left…

The time the 4 of us as crew over the last 40 odd days were magic! We had some tough moments and a lot of fun moments! All in all…we gelled well, understood the space everyone needed and had enough respect for each other’s knowledge and abilities to have on board Scolamanzi one formidable A-TEAM! Thanks to both Ben and Jonkie‘s quiet calm, placid and respectful nature we never had any problems as far as handling conditions or as far as personalities are going. Herewith Johann and I would like to thank them both for helping us with the start of the chase of a big dream! …and for helping us across the Atlantic and adding great memories to our memory-bank! This will always have a special place in our hearts! Our thanks also to Suzette and Diane for lending them to us for such a long time!
Now the time has come to prove that we can do it on our own!….We changed location from True Blue Bay to Secret Harbour at Mt Hartman Bay…and it was an interesting awakening….I missed those muscles that could throw a rope 5+ meters to the docks ( I missed about 3 times!! Will need to strengthen the throwing arm!) … but most of all …we missed them when the sun was setting and we were waiting for Ben’s magic popcorn and the sundowners with it! It is just not the same without you!

About the Photos: Leaving St George behind…Ben caught a Barracuda (in spite of the bunch of bananas on board!) Our last day was spent in True Blue Bay. Ben was frantically trying to finalise his Movie and make one for Cat-Eye as well! What a great idea! And I have to say – very professionally done! We explored the area and visited all the places they are referring to in our cruising guide – de Big Fish (where we had our last dinner with Ben), Bananas(at the Bar with the ape swinging of the roof…interesting decor!), Dodgy Dock…well …that is where we got stuck…with one (or 3 too many) Rum Cocktails (I had a headache similar to a brain attack the next DAY …the whole day!) and had the most amazing night with a Steel Band making Calypso Music and entertaining the bride (a wedding reception’s guests came around from the next door setting to join the music!) and locals till late night! That is where Ben showed them where the Zulu’s fit into the world of music, rhythm and dances! What a night! A perfect conclusion of a fantastic time together!

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