Carriacou – The last of the Grenada Islands

Carriacou – an interesting little island – there is a quote in a sailing book saying: “This is an Island with over a hundred rum shops and only one gasoline station. Carriacou is so relaxed and easygoing that you often see a pelican sitting on a buoy with a seagull on top of his head enjoying the afternoon sun!”
The name of the Island means: Island surrounded by reefs. They are known to be masters in building wooden boats called the Wooden Sloops.
This is where we encounter the Lambi Queen Restaurant’s dangerous landing! Waves breaking on the cement jetty where you are suppose to get off and tie your dinghy! It was nerve raking and not a place for the faint hearted! The curtsey water taxi of the restaurant did a great job getting us (including Rosemarie) there and back without any injuries!
This is where we have had Xmas dinner – great seafood paella with lobster, white muscles, shrimps and Wahoo! And fresh local oyster (delivered to your boat and open in front of your eyes!!)
It was great – it surprised us with how much load music, drums and singing they can celebrate Christmas with since 7am in the morning right through till way after lunch!! I’m telling you…they were happy to have Xmas! …surrounded by a 4 day public holiday!!…

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