Happy Island

Happy Island (a man-made Island!) is a small little dot of a beaut just a stone through away from where we are anchored..run by a Rasta called Jonty (he could have been Woopy Goldberg’s brother!) who started to build his Island dream in 2003 with CONCH SHELLS(!!) at the end of a small stretch of rocks that extend (on the Clifton side )from Union Island’s beach.
What a fabulous happy little jewel of a place! We had such a great time there grooving with the locals on Bob Marley’s loud music! Here we’ve met Helene and her husband (? Name slipped my mind sorry…) from Sweden on the yacht Ella! It is so sad that they were leaving the next day! I could imagine a great friendship going there!…we might see them again in Sweden one day!…or in Australia?

The Rum punch is to die for and the mama preparing it has a friendly all-round smile all day long! Wonder what she is taking? Ha! She’s a darling! You can only access it by see on your dinghy and you will always find Jonty ready to help you ashore. They don’t serve food but are happy for you to bring whatever you want to BBQ! What a great idea …especially for boaties!

The sound system there is pretty much an add-on-as you find another subwoofer/speaker/amplifier! 🙂 You will be hard press to find anyone just sitting and staring in front of him – not matter what her is taking – everyone is at some stage singing or at least grooving and tapping a toe or two to the beat!

It really is a Happy Island – you do not find unhappy faces there – they normally stay away because this place is infectious!
Good luck with your venture Jonty! May 2011 bring you much more Happy Faces and Dollars!
As soon as my internet connection allows it, I will certainly send you my memories of Happy Island!

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