Union Island – Awaiting a Happy New Year!!

The mooring here was shown to us by a vibrant character called “Tiger” – the only Tiger he reckoned! “If you want to be happy – you deal with Tiger…if Tiger is happy – You are happy!”
And so we did! The Bay here is called Clifton – quite a lovely little town – we opted to stay on till New Year’s morning (seeing that Kriegler will only be back on the yacht in the morning …before 8am he promised!:-0 !!….) Before moving on to Tobago Cays and Bequia (can’t wait!!!).
Here we have bought and cooked our own conch for the first time! (See pictures of the dish!) Absolutely fabulous seafood! It reminds me of a mix between abalone and arricric from my South African childhood days (?) – The water is clear and picture blue. It is a very touristy and very French island (originating from their past)…you’ll find it in the restaurants and food and names of places all over the island – although it is a democracy within the Commonwealth of nations with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state …
Johann and Kriegler is at the moment on a diving expedition out to Tobago Cays and Rosemarie is sightseeing the island – I am taking time off from cooking and cleaning and the general demands to update the blogs and Website on a very frustratingly slow internet connection!(not sure which is the most exhausting – the demands from everyone else or the slow internet??Ha!)…with the odd plunge into the blue waters around the yacht….
I will try and get a few New Years Pictures up before we leave…in the mean time…I would love to wish you all the VERY BEST for 2011!! Take the parties easy and make it worth getting up the next day with a smile and not a hangover! May all of you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We will try our best on this side of the Windward Islands!

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