Tobago Cays and the world underneath the Big Blue World

I was pleasantly surprised with Tobago Cays. A group of small islands protected by Horseshoe reef that hosts the most amazing marine life! The water’s clarity is to die for and the colours of it just as blue, turquoise and bright as you have (N)ever imagined! We arrived in the rain and still thought it to be fantastic! The rain showers were short lived and we could easily fit in a snorkel around 3pm (Krieg still trying to surface after NEW YEAR’S JUMP-UP!! By the next morning we went out again to swim with the Turtles (massive once grazing on the white sandy surface with soft sea grass everywhere) They are really the closest you will find to animals that has survived the Ice Age era! (Oh…I will give the Rhino and Crock a little bit of credit here too!). The day went too fast …. this is a place in the world – like the Great Barrier Reef – where you just need to go and experience if you happen to be this part of the world! I hope I could stop over again on our way back!…just one more look….
I will have to mention that underwater photography is magic on it’s own, but until you have tried it – you will realise that it is the most difficult hobby under the sun (water)! As soon as you have the little bright purple fish in your viewfinder, click and …gone it is – too quick for a normal camera and you need to have super lungs to follow it at close range and then hope the light is not too bad that the flash will go off and pick up every dispersed article in the water! So have a heart when judging the underwater photo’s! Some things in life is just not the same on a photograph and this I am afraid will not show up the Whaauw factor of that moment in time!

And a few pictures that we took underwater…

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