Marigot Bay Marina and Castries

A beautiful Marina with the most interesting Luxurious Yachts I have ever seen! It is just amazing the size of these things …that has to be luxury all the way with crew making sunset cocktails and food and only take you to the most amazing places while you sit around in your designer bikini! …Who would like that anyway – I hate the sun! 😉
The shops cater price wise for those people for sure – anyway – nothing wrong with looking and window shopping and pretending you want to buy something! It is great – the restaurants have character and amazing food- Dr Doolittle surprised us endless with their Girls Night out deal! If the girls rock up with a flower in their hair on a Tuesday night, their partners can dine for free on a 4 course meal!! The food was amazing!
The biggest surprise of Marigot Bay was that we bumped into LAFKO’s French Crew !!!… Again!! Guys…it was certainly now the last opportunity (by accident) that we have seen you THIS year…but keep in touch – we will see you in the Med at some stage?!
Kriegler left us after having been here for 4 weeks – he has enjoyed the trip and hopefully gained some positive experience from it!
Rosemarie will leave Scolamanzi (after almost 5 weeks) at Castries tomorrow for a short stay on ST Lucia and then Grenada before heading back to the UK and Cape Town.
We will move on to Rodney Bay for some much needed electronic replacements the day after tomorrow! For the first time in 3 months we will be on our own…! 🙂

Pictures of Marigot Bay

The capital city of St Lucia – we have thus far only been to the markets there with a bus (quite and experience! They stuff in people 4 in row with music at ear aching volume and going like a rocket! We opted to take a taxi rather going out of town after having had the most wonderful hearty meal for Aus$4 and that include a beer!!

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