All Colours Go…Especially the Happy Once!

One thing is for sure….Colour does not scare anyone living in the Caribbean!…more so in St Vicent and St Lucia… 🙂 Any happy colour goes and you will find the most unusual colour combinations on houses (cerise pink house with a fire engine red roof –no worries!)…somehow it fits their personalities…a huge generalisation…but still…it works for them! The vallies everywhere are dotted with the most amazing colours!…and it makes you wonder what would those house look like inside… At least it makes great pictures for tourist like us!

2 thoughts on “All Colours Go…Especially the Happy Once!”

  1. Hullo you two happy sailors
    Solo glad you’re having a wonderful time!
    Dying to hear some more practical stuff though
    How is the boat
    What about your washing machine
    What do u do about laundry
    Real boat stuff
    What’s broken etc needs replacing or repairing

    Soo wish we could catch up over a cappuccino soon

    Lots of love
    Chez Patrick

  2. Hi Henriette and Johann
    We so enjoy following your adventures via your colourful script and photos which capture each episode of your trip so well….especially the incredible volcano…you should incorporate it all into a book on your return to a more mundane and work-a-day life! Rosemary obviously had a great time, and has probably already landed in chilly, drizzly UK. Perhaps I’ll see her on Skype from Karen’s place in Surrey before she finally finds herself back in Stellenbosch – to sort out her hundreds of photo’s. I look forward to hearing about her amazing trip in person! Best wishes, Gill and Mike

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