Rodney Bay Marina and Surroundings

We had time for so many things that needed to be done on the boat….washing, repacking lockers and just relaxing on our boat planning the rest of the trip in detail…and wondering how would we manage to get back here again….the latter less relaxing and slightly more disturbing I have to say…that is sometimes the downside of having (great internet) contact with the world out there…reality keeps sneaking up on you!
Our time is still precious and we enjoy the small and big moments of every day! The scooter cruise was quite a treat…just to go where the road is taking you and enjoy the people we met!
Dining here is way too expensive to make it a ritual…so… even the one night out was a special!

This very English Island has its own beauty….more in the people than in the architecture or shops – that seems to become too modernised to be super special in a way…. but there is (even in that) a whau!
Time to move on to French Martinique…hope the weather will be kind to us…
Foto’s: Our 4 day stay in Rodney Bay, Visiting Pigeon Point and the northern tip of St Lucia….

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