Martinique – Fort de France

Fort de France:
(This is just a repeat on the blog – due to a lack of time on the internet)
Johann had to go and clear in at customs – we soon discovered it was a breeze and a pleasure to be in a “almost first world place” – no fees – no questions – they plonk you down in front of a laptop – you just fill out the online form and get the girl to stamp your entry form and Voila! 5 minutes later – you can hoist your French flag! They certainly do not see it as a money making opportunity! (Tell you what…it can be a 30-45 min job at any other customs office!…if not longer …depending on the friendliness of the staff and the que in front of you!). There are just a few things about the French that I really like!! This is certainly one of them!

Fort de France – the Capital city of Martinique…by far the largest and liveliest city so far in the Windward Islands! It is clean, organised, beautiful…and very French! If you have a bit of imagination – you could have been in Europe!…driving on the right side of the remember to watch the “wrong” side for oncoming cars!(I got caught out many a times almost walking right in front of a bus or a car!) The architecture is very French (some great old buildings around)…so are the food, the people and the language….not much English is understood here! So…the dictionary has become my number one companion for the next few days!
It is expensive (using Euro’s here) but the shops are different!… And so is the food! Some really huge first world shopping centres and amazing restaurants with a great pedestrian street called Rue Rèpublique that will have me occupied for hours! I would love to come back ….one day…and stay a little bit longer – I am dying to see the country side behind this busy buzz of a place!
We manage to find a very friendly American yachtie (Bruce) that was very eager to help us with the anchor winch – he did get the remote to work (it still needed to be fixed permanently by a professional but he managed to disconnect the deck button!! Ahhh no!) So we will have to shift tomorrow to St Marin and find an electrician! On a Saturday…good luck to us!

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