St Pierre… the town that was once totally destroyed by Volcano Pelèe!

St Pierre : Martinique
A cute little town at the foot of Mt Pelèe Volcano. On Ascension day, the 8th May 1902 – the volcano wiped out the entire town of St Pierre and the then population of 30 000 people!(except for 2 people – a man that was busy in his cellar and a prisoner!) St Pierre was then called the Paris of the Caribbean…with a great cathedral, a fantastic elaborated theatre and obvious wealth around with all the rum, sugar, cocoa and coffee exports and many multimillion dollar estates! The ruins are everywhere in town – most forming a wall in a garden or just a feature wall of a shop or house. There are now only about 3 000 inhabitants in Mt Pierre. It is amazing to see the destruction caused by the volcano! It was mainly caused by rocks and ash and not lava. The museum has an excellent exhibition and the town is now a history and art centre – with a lot of artist around with studios that form part of their shops!

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