Dominica – The Nature Island!

Arriving at Dominica (Roseau) after Martinique was to say the least a bit of a disappointment. Everything looked shabby, and grey and just not a patch to the beautiful clean French Martinique! Well… never judge a book on its cover! The front of this book might have been damaged and dull…but whau! The story on the inside was such a surprise!

We started with the diving at Champagne – and that was the most awesome experience I ever had in water! Diving in a Champagne pool!!! Bubbles everywhere! And the fish…. ! Heaps and beautiful and the clarity made you see for meters ahead!

Then we started with apprehension the waterfalls – Trafalgar first (so lovely and peaceful!)  …and the next day we did Victoria Falls (wild and breathtaking in many ways – in a literary way too!) That was even more special because we could share it with our “new” friends form the yacht Orchid – Rachael and Matthew with their two boys Alexander and Nic! Such a happy bunch! They have been one of our best finds so far!  😉  A great couple – and hopefully a great friendship for years to come!

The next big surprise was the Indian River cruise – on a small boat – although it had an engine – only rowing is allowed on the river – which enhances the peaceful way of the river – fabulous trees and strangely interesting ‘deformation’ of roots…the 3rd of the Pirates of the  Caribbean was partly filmed here as well – and I can see why!

Johann was energetic enough to explore the Fort on this Island too – he never misses one – the best view to be found there and most of the time an amazing  story in history too.

We had a great time with Nature…. it is all still so beautiful in spite of the damage done by recent hurricanes! Let’s hope it will stay this way!

Au Revoir et Merci beaucoup…but it is time to move on…The Saints are waiting!

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