Isle des Saintes: My romantic Island of Art and Restaurants

I love this place – If I have a choice – I would love to live here for 2 months of the year – 2 months only ….otherwise I will gain too much weight !!… the beers are so much better with this quality of  restaurants and views!

The pictures and captions will tell the story – for the detail of  my love for this lovely place …go to the sail blogs ….I have spilled my heart on the sail blogs…that took all my energy! 🙂

We will have to come back to Isle de Saintes….see why!

One thought on “Isle des Saintes: My romantic Island of Art and Restaurants”

  1. Hallo daar. Been trying to get hold of you. Henriette I understand how you feel about Ilse des Saintes, it was magic years ago, am so glad you feel the same. Would love to see the photos, but can’t succeed. Hope it is still unspoilt, wish I was there. Miss you 2, trying to get hold of Dax. Hope boat is all sorted out. Had Jan and Hof for the weekend, wonderful. Still trying to settle down after my wonderful time on Scolamanzi, sorting out 1300 photos! Lots of love, ENJOY! Ouma XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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