Guadeloupe -Island of Pretty Waters ..and Pigeon Island

We never ended up on the Island of Guadeloupe…although we overnight on her side…but Pigeon Island was a great stop over for a snorkel. That is just something you have to do if the name Jacques Cousteau rings a bell….(the Cousteau Marine Park was one of his creations in the area) .

Pigeon Island –  is where Cousteau filmed part of the movie “Le Monde du Silence”….something everyone in France must have seen at some stage!?(I haven’t yet…)…judging by how many French are visiting the island!

I will remember the day for a few different reasons…the snorkeling, the dinner on board of  Orchid and that we came so close ..but never had enough reason or good enough weather to go ashore Guadeloupe!

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