St Martin…well, what can I say…at least I got my Birthday Present there!

That is what it is all about! Shopping….eating, drinking and really not much more….except for the Planes! Sunset beach was such an eye opener! For a few different reasons…

Sunset Beach is in the Dutch side. The airport landing strip is just beyond the beach. The 747’s lands around 2:30 pm here so…we settled in for lunch – great seats in the shade waiting for the big once to come in!!!. Johann is armed with his video camera and I have the little happy snappy with me…and a beer! It is hot and wind still!! The wait…the food…the people…all interruptions…distractions…here it comes, the wheels are about 10 feet over the fence, cars stop before the runway ….they don’t want tire marks on the roof of their vehicles!!. The next big thrill is obviously to wait for the 747 to take off again!!!…You know …there are big warnings on the fencing that it is dangerous to stand close to the fence during takeoff and that it can result in serious bodily harm or death!!! Guess what…there are people just a few meters away from that sign… watching the 747 whizzing up a huge sand storm!!!..You will see them holding on to a post, to see what it feels like to be blown by a 747. Most of them just about could not hang on!! We saw people falling; crouched down not knowing what item is the most important to hang on to….Glasses? Hats? Bikini tops? Cameras…I can tell you what…the hats and tops were not featuring in the top ten! They were floating in the surf everywhere!! You can see the sand blowing, people screaming and hanging on for dear life  their eyes were totally shut….and I bet they wish they could keep it shut …if that would postpone the embarrassing moment to follow…

It is amazing to watch …and every time is as good as the next and the previous! If it was not slowly interfering with my afternoon nap …I could have stayed there all day long!

One thought on “St Martin…well, what can I say…at least I got my Birthday Present there!”

  1. Hallo julle altwee, maar veral my baie spesiale dogter, ek gaan iets oorkom as ek nie more met jou kan praat op jou baie spesiale dag nie, probeer al heel dag, skype en die lot. Ek wil net vir jou ‘n baie baie groot drukkie self gee, baie dankie dat jy so ‘n wonderlike vrou vir my oudste seun en ma vir my eerste 2 baie spesiale kleinseuns is. Al kon ek die wereld vol soek, sou ek nooit iemand beter kon kry nie. Geniet jou dag en vergeet van plooie en goed want jy lyk baie, baie pragtig en tenminste 10 jaar jonger! Hier gaan dit goed, tel die slapies tot 1 April. Geniet die laaste tyd van julle wonderlike ondervinding!! Baie baie liefde, Mamma R XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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