Code Zero ….leaving St Kitts and never to make Nevis

Nevis - will have to wait for next time!

Well for those who would not know a Code Zero…. let me introduce you to it: it is a huge extra sail  with a lot of limitations as far as wind direction and wind strength is going (This EXTRA addition to the family of sails is over and above the other EXTRA sail we already have added…the Gennekar and the standard EXTRA sail called the Genoa that comes with the MAIN sail!!!…I mean …how many sail do you need to get a boat going?). The Code Zero is a toy for speed….like the case is with these testosterone driven devices – they are not well thought through!

The Code Zero is impossibly hard to set up and take down (it takes hours!), can hardly be managed by two sets of hands and is impractical in open seas with rolly waters …and that for the pleasure of a few extra knots of speed …until only minutes later, when the wind picks up above the operational range … you have to get it down again!!!… roll it up, stow it away….with a few broken nails and puffed faces and a slightly scarred relationship (testing the boundaries was never my idea of building blocks by the way!)

Anyway …Code Zero and its time depriving nature has robbed me from setting foot on Nevis as we were running out of time to get through the night sail to Martinique! I am sorry about that but at least I hope this has released the bee in the Captain’s bonnet and  resulted in the Captain to let the sleeping Code Zero lie….

Photo’s :

St Kitts and our trip around the Island on a double decker train!…ending it with a great meal at Rawlings Estate!

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