Back Tracking Memory Lane from St Martin back to Trinidad:

It was almost like we were quickly going to go through our photo’s (in real life) to refresh our memories of what we have seen and done. Going past the islands and bays we have been to the last 4+ months was just as good as it was the first time round…for different reasons…. that inevitably provoked the discussions around…what was our favorite island…what was weird…what will we never forget and so it went on and on….and that brought me to a few things to dot down about this sailing experience in general that tickled me pink…

  • It blows my mind …as soon as people get on a boat …they somehow think they are either transparent or invisible or (even more frightening to think…) has suddenly become attractive nude supermodels in their 50-60year old bodies! What is it with the sudden abandoning of privacy? Having a naked shower on the deck? Seeing a man fixing his dingy engine, anchored in the middle of a bay stark naked …or an elderly woman thinking it is great to walk around in her T-shirt with no underwear? Really…have a heart! Take a step back and install a full length mirror…is that what happens eventually to all of us after a while at sea…?… is it just feeling free? Ha…either way…it still makes me shake my head and roll my eyes!
  • How many times does it need to happen before I will learn my lesson? The amount of times that my bed / bathroom (heads) have “flooded” ceased to be counted! Every time I discovered a soaked bed or a salt water washed bathroom floor …I give that tine little port whole its fair share of my thoughts! And every time it has happed I will take an oath to NEVER let it happen again! I will make sure EVERY hatch and porthole is closed PRIOR to leaving…until the next devastating surprise is hitting me between the eyes! What the…???? Really – I could not bother to keep tract – but if it was a few (10 times) it was a lot!(closer to 20 times!)
  • How nature suddenly takes on a whole new role in life on a yacht….the appreciation of every little thing – from the colour of the sea to the tiniest fish to every single sunset at the end of the day…suddenly makes me realise how fortunate  I am…how awesome this planet is ….and…that we will have to start embracing this place with love …how easy it was to hug the sea was just amazing!

Now that we are ready to leave Scolamanzi on dry land under her little “Shrinked wrapped“ blanket….the urge to stay becomes progressively stronger the further we were walking away… and a strange sense of longing is almost possessing me…Pleeeease …may we have the health and ability to meet up again with her!

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