Meeting Scolamanzi after 11 months again in Trinidad!

My voyage started in South Africa meeting up with lovely friends and family….
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It was a wonderful time for me – the highlight was to see Gerhard and Yvonne again!… … 4 weeks was a long time away from Johann… especially in anticipation of the start of our second leg of our sailing adventure!
Well, it was with great excitement that we arrived in Trinidad at the Port of Spain airport…it took some doing to get us in Chaguaramas (60km away from the airport) before sunset!

It was just awesome to see Scolamanzi again! We could not wait to find out sheets, towels and pillows .. just to sleep! The camping on a boat on dry land was not as much fun and the launching day was the next big excitement for us…. the travel lift , scheduled for 2pm took her splashing!

Johann’s excitement was just wonderful to watch! Ha Ha! It does not take much for him to get excited – he can rave about the smallest things in life as it it is the biggest privellage to witness / experience it … so you can imagine the smile on his face when he started the engines and took Scolamanzi for a spin outside the harbour!

(You will need Adobe Flash downloaded to see the picture slide show underneath every post)

I have to say … that Dennis and Lee form Goodwood Marine have done an outstanding job, bringing the yacht out of the secure yard, unwrap it, put the sails back up again, recommissioning the engines, Genset and water maker and even installing our wifi antenna permanently and most of all …clean the boat deck and organise the anti-fouling! Anyone that knows how much work that entails will know that it was the most amazing feeling to get to the boat with a weeks solid work done already!…especially in this humidity and heat!

Well, we had a few maintenance jobs to do before moving on and of cause…. the Yearly Carnival of Trinidad & Tobago cannot be missed!!!

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