Our first week in the British Virgin Islands!

The 1st Week at the BVI

After having to deal with really big seas and rough weather and a lot of bad luck too … we were ecstatic to see the BVI! My first impression was that it reminds me of the Whitsunday Islands back home … beautiful blue waters, small islands everywhere …and sailing yachts dotted on the horizon in a unhurried laid-back way.(Except the size of the yachts and the amounts certainly are different! A lot of super yachts darting the horizon too!) The only difference is that there is more inhabitants and houses here … and some of the islands is less tropical – especially on the windward side. It was a little bit of home away from home for us!
The sailing is great … even in 25-28 knots … (which is by the way big winds in my vocabulary!… I feel comfy in 20-22 knots …above that I want to hold on to my Captain!) the sea is nice an flat and makes for easy sailing!

One thing about the BVI that I will never forget is the NAMES of these Islands! OMW! It is anything but romantic or beautiful! But … as Shakespeare ones said ; “”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose….By any other name would smell as sweet.” The names might be ridiculous …but the beauty undeniably untouched.

Now would you agree….I would not like to have any of these names on a wedding invitation for instance? Just not romantic enough ..lol… here are a few of them…
Great Thatch, Guana Island, Seal Dog, George Dog, West Dog, Great Dog, Mosquito Island (!), Prickly Pear Island, Beef Island, Scrub Island, Dead Chest Island, Cooper Island, Salt island, Fallen Jerusalem …. seriously? HaHaHa!! lucky that whoever have chosen those names should be dead by now – otherwise he might have been given the death penalty for doing so if he was still around!

I have included a few pictures of our first fabulous week. We have been to lovely bays and pubs with much more catchy names like Soper’s Hole/ Pusher’s Pub, Cane Garden Bay, Jost van Dyk/ Foxy’s Pub, Lee Bay, Savannah bay, Nanny Cay…Road Town …it will all be in the pictures and the descriptions on the pictures will tell you more about these places. I have opted to do more in-depth writing on those places in the blog (that is what the sailor friends are reading) … that you will find on the right hand side of the website as a link “Our Sail Blogs” – hope you will enjoy the beauty as much as we have!

You will need Adobe Flash downloaded to see the picture slide show underneath every post I made!

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  1. Hi Birthday Girl

    You are celebrating your birthday in a wonderful place and we will all be thinking of you today and toasting your special day.

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