THE BATHS – Southern point of Virgin Gorda:

    Waking up grumpy (that is me…) … headache and not happy with the time the Captain wanted to move on!!
    He has decided The Baths is where we should go for breakfast – it was a short motor sail at 7am!
    The Baths has the most unusual formation of large granite boulders, where the sea washes in between these huge rocks to form large pools where the shafts of light playing upon the water, creates amazing dramatic effects! When we arrived – needless to say we were almost the only boat there and the deserted beach looked surreal!

    Little beach at The Baths
    Little beach at The Baths

I was still in pain after the night before and have decided to send the Captain to swim ashore, explore and report back…He took off with his video camera in his special pelican dry case … me watching his every movement through the binoculars!

Captain getting ready to swim ashore with his video!

Even with his enthusiasm on return I have came to the conclusion that it could be life threatening to submerge a head like mine (feeling like it weighs 50 tons!) . We have both decided that we will have to come back in the afternoon with the sun at a better angel for pictures…. and by the time we left two huge Cruisers have dumped hundreds of people on the beach and the private yachts have cluttered up the bay…
The Baths
The Baths - Huge boulders

As we pulled out to leave, we spotted LAGUZ… a gunboat made in South Africa and owned by a relative of Phoebe… Johann’s previous practice nurse! I could not believe the coincidence! She did ask us to keep an eye out for them as they are also sailing the Caribbean…. What are the changes… I wondered… With that many nooks and bays prettier than the next one between Grenada and the BVI?

Rob and Pamela were delighted to hear the about the connection with their relatives! Our conversation across from boat to boat was short and we had to move on… while we were putting up the sails Rob arrived on his paddle ski with his business card and email address! He is such a gem! I could not believe the trouble he went through!?…
We happen to meet over a beer in the next bay (BEYC) for only a brief moment … how fortunate we were to have made that connection. Thanks Rob for your time, effort and great advice! We will keep in touch and hopefully meet Laguz in the Med at some stage! Good luck with your voyage!

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