We left with full sails for the north eastern side of Virgin Gorda for the North Sound… where Bitter End Yacht Club is. North Sound is a large bay protected all-round by islands and reef. A very special unique nautical village for yachties! The clear blue and turquoise waters with the picturesque settings of restaurants and hammocks amongst the palm trees was just breath taking!
This is one of the most beautiful settings I have ever been to! The water is clearer than tap water! A place that will never ever been forgotten!
The small island Sbaba Rock – is really only a big rock that has been transform into gardens, restaurant, pub and a few rooms to stay at and a cute little beach! just gorgeous!

Saba Rock Beach and restaurant!

We will be back here … at some stage!!
The last day we were there… we had a professional photographer out on a dingy to take the most awesome pictures of Scolamanzi under all her sails!!!
We will soon have those pictures up on the website!
Enjoy the reading about Bitter End on the Sail Blogs and the slide show just below!

You will need Adobe Flash downloaded to see the picture slide show underneath every post I made!

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