Marina Cay

On to another stand-alone little Island … Marina Cay! Great place to overnight … with a pub right at the top of this Rock (the size of a shopping centre car park! )… and that is where we found Eric Stone ( a well known singer/songwriter amongst sailing magazines and blogs …. amazing lyrics this guy has about every place we have sailed to!! …

Eric Stone

We spend way too much money on drinks and too much time without food (I have already cooked dinner for us!…waiting aboard!) … just to listen to Eric!.. and met the most interesting French and American people!… and two young US air force pilots that lives in Hawaii! HaHa!

Again – thanks to Captain J (I should start calling him Earlier-The-Better- Captain!) … we were at Marina Cay early and picked out a great spot on a mooring … and as the sun was setting… the battle for the moorings that was left started ! It was at times scary! … we watched many boats turning around …trying to find another safe haven for the night!

View from the pub at Marina Cay!

Marina Cay will be one of the places we would love to visit again if time allows us! The restaurant is apparently one of the best …. I will have to see it to believe it! lol

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