The Code Zero Bug is Back in his Bonnet!

Light wind conditions forced me to relive the previous time/struggle at St Nevis with the Code Zero up and down and … I still cannot see the benefit of this enormous sail that is a nightmare to get up and an even bigger nightmare to get down…especially with only 2 crew on board! Who again designed this stupid thing?
After sweat and tears and many a hard words and mutiny…. we had it back in the storage bag! While it was up we had the split moment of fun to see Scolamanzi doing 7.8 nots in 8.8 knots of wind! That …for anyone who has sailed before will know … is pretty effective usage of wind! But it is extremely impractical!
I made my point to the Captain by comparing it to the drug DIGOXIN … it can give you a better life (for a while) but has a very narrow therapeutic index (so the range between effective and dangerous is pretty narrow) and in bigger winds/ dosages … it can become lethal! Lol .. I thought it was funny … and he even had to grin about that one too!
Our dingy fuel was getting low – so we just picked up a mooring around the corner of Cruz bay and the captain made his way into town to get some fuel and see if we can hire a car to explore St John by road…
By the way – you need to go on a coarse to obtain a US drivers license before renting a car – ok…. so we took a taxi to show us around the island – a very beautiful island …maybe the fact that 80% of the island is a National Park helps a lot! … the infrastructure is fantastic! Great parks, great camping and beach facilities and fantastic roads … a really friendly island ….

Lamesure Bay
Lamesure Bay ... amazing rock formations and grotto's !!

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