Puerto Rico … arriving at Puerto Del Ray Marina

Puerto Rico: Puerto Del Ray Marina … our Base for 4 days!

We were told that Puerto Del Ray Marina is a good option and Water id Free! Well after this trip the deck certainly needs fresh water to wash it off! As we have discovered, pulling into the Marina in pouring rain… we would not have a need to wash it … the rain will do it … it was not showers …it was torrential rain …drops the size of an egg bucketed down non-stop for 2 days! It is a massive marina with the majority of boats being large game fishing boats and Power Yachts! We met an lovely couple Spike and Anna of Gosforth (a Bordeaux 60). Anna is a Tasmanian girl and Spike is from the UK…. what a nice couple! Drinks in the rain on board made for a great night of exchanging information of where to go in the Med and which places not to be missed when we are there! Hope we will see you again on our journey!

Anna and Spike of Gosforth
Anna and Spike of Gosforth

By day two … I still have not been able to go outside of the saloon…. We were stern to and that is exactly where the rain came from – so the cockpit was soon becoming a swimming pool!
That is when we have decided to make a booking in a hotel in San Juan (the old city) – that is one place we were dying to see and experience! We will just stay there for 3 days and hope the rain will ease by the time we get back. I was so excited … an real room…with space around the bed…a real bathroom and a real bed! Oh my word! This will be a treat!
A Taxi ride through a small part of Puerto Rico:
Arriving there by Taxi was like having had a little island tour on the way there…we took the back road running along the coast… very beautiful and green … heaps of cyclist – it must be one of their mayor sports other than baseball and football. If we have past one cyclist we have past a hundred of them in 20 min time! The motorists are so amazing …they show so much patients with the cyclists and will easily stay behind them on these very windy narrow road for 10 min to wait for a safe place to pass them. If that was in Australia they would have squeezed past you and force you to go off the sealed road….
Anyway … the country side was lovely but we knew the really pretty parts of the island is the waterfalls and tropical forests up in the mountains … and we will not have time for that this time! The size of the shopping centres made us realize that we are closer to the USA and this is a much bigger island than what we have seen before with San Juan certainly a big city!
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  1. All sounds amazing, photos fantasfic, wonderful to follow, Congrats with your baby boy’s birhtday! Lots of love, MaXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. thanx for sharing…..it’s beautifull….understand 100% the Hotel option for 3 days….Miss u alot !! love u 2 xxx

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