Our last time in St Thomas … the Easter Weekend

Turning back to the USVI for a short stay:

Back in St Thomas…
this time we had a bit more time to walk around outside of the shopping areas! Going up the mountain for a great view and walking up to Blue Beard’s Castle … unfortunately, being Easter Weekend…all were closed and we will be leaving before they open again.

Bluebeard's Castle
Bluebeard's Castle

The weird thing about sailing in the US and Spanish Virgin Islands, was that we hardly see any familiar yachts. In the Caribbean we sure to meet the same yachts more or less every now and then. We were just long enough in the BVI to get used to seeing the same guys every now and then again. Although you do not know each other it ends up in waving and sometimes a quick radio chat to say hello!
Karen and Dick on Butterfly
Needless to say… We were so surprised to see Butterfly (another South-African built Cat that we have seen last season in Grenada…and we happened to follow Karen and Dick’s blogs for a few years now … so worth a read … “Butterfly and Barnacles”) … we had a lovely night of sharing ideas and talking photography (a shared passion of both me and Karen!) and just having a great night with very little food to go with it! Ha Ha! I think the quick make do with what I had was excused by all! (At least some recipes have been asked to share … so I take it that they had some enjoyment in the fresh fish and curried fish I made!) Hope to see Butterfly somewhere on our way again! I just love meeting new people with the same interests! And Karen – thanks for sharing the Salt water washing tips with me!!!
It’s full moon again … and we are miles away from my full moon party venue… in Trellis Bay … I can only hope to make the next one…it will be a tight fit as it would be a day or two before we depart for Europe!
The week after this one will be one of preparations for the ARC crossing to Europe … premade meals, provisioning the boat and get the other cabins ready and clean ! List upon lists are again taking shape and is everywhere to be found in the saloon… provisioning, menu’s for the crossing, spares to get for the boat etc!
The biggest challenge will be to find a new crew member for the crossing from Bermuda to Europe! We were very disappointed in the withdrawal of a friend of ours that was going to join us. That left us with very little time to find a replacement. We can only hope … the alternative is to do it with the two of us only… that will be testing… 12+15 days…. With a break after 12 days in the Azores…. But it will still be extremely exhausting and I wonder if we would find the fun in it as we did before?
Keep your fingers cross! Would so much like to enjoy this crossing as I did the first Atlantic crossing form Cape Town to Trinidad!
Puerto Rican fishing boats leaving us in their wakes!

Leaving St Thomas in amazement watching the exodus of Puerto Rican Fishing power boats darting past us!!! …and so close that the wakes caused a severe rolling and rocking of the boat with a few things flying! I thought it was pretty rude of them to pass us that closely … having a wide open sea to do so!

In the meantime… We will be heading back to St Johns for the last night in Francis bay and in the USVI! 🙁 Then a night or two at North Sound / The Bitter End and Saba Rock to get our Yacht Shots pictures organised and paid for (…they are stunning!!! So worth the effort and money spent!)…and the great excitement and nice long sail ( 3hours) on a brad rich up to Beautiful Anegada is still on our exploration list before we head back to Tortola for the big prep of Scolamanzi!

You will need Adobe Flash downloaded to see the picture slide show underneath every post I made!

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