You lose something every time!

You lose something every time!

It is just how it is… when you go sailing for a long period of time … you tend to lose somethings overboard …very unintentionally and always something very dearly missed afterwards!

On the first trip in the Caribbean … not even 3 days into the crossing, I lost my little blown-up pillow that was so handy if you want to just rest your head while doing nightshift (ha! The Captain was shocked at this revelation! ) .. that was due to the wind!

Then the next day we lost our only proper bucket overboard which was seriously inconvenience when it comes to washing off fish blood or even keeping fish in before filleting it! Needles to say – my mob (a rectangle one) had no bucket too! 🙁 A couple of teaspoons also flew overboard when one of the guys shook out a towel on which they were lying!
Apart from Kriegler’s favourite cap … not lost due to wind … I think that was more due to indulgence ashore…not sure? 😉 … My favourite stinger suit (for those who would not know what it is …in Australia you snorkel on the east coast mainly with a full length one-piece lycra suit …almost like a very thin wetsuit to protect you from jellyfish stings)… that really became my swimmers and snorkelling outfit for sun protection, blew straight off the washing line moments before we entered the mecca of snorkelling .. the Tobago Cays! I was devastated! The hunting was on for weeks after that to find a substitute and I had to make do with a billabong long sleeve sun shirt…. Only after returning to Australia could I replaced the full length one!… I don’t think you get them in any other country?

That was then … on this trip … the first lost was my camera case! Ok .. no big deal … we had a second one on board (it really is meant for a iPhone … but it worked and has a clip that I can clip to my belt – even better!) Due to the captain’s nature of getting into the dinghy … and then tell me that I should be ready in 3 min (going to clear in at customs)… I did not do my golden hoop earring properly and must have lost it on the way there or back … never to be found … and it’s mate is now reminding me on a daily basis of its solitude ….

The non-material things…Then I have to mention my nails…I have lost them all!? Not sure if it is due to the lack of crew or the amount of moorings we are dealing with here that forces me to have salty wet hands a lot! But they have split, peel en just disintegrated on me! 🙁 … Then my colour … talking skin colour here – the people who knows me well will know how I hate it to look tanned… but it has happened through protective block-out sunscreen, shirts, hats and all! And I am now stuck with it for a long time to come! Must be the glare from the deck and the water…

Those are all small things but like it is … it could have been prevented… so could the latest incident have been.
I was cleaning the heads (bathroom) and had the door shut to mob the floor…not realising that Johann has decided to empty the dingy after a heavy torrential rainy night the day before … he always gets into the half suspended dinghy (hanging off the davits), takes the plug out and wait for the water to drain before putting it back in. Well … I have done it once for him and it is a scary feeling as you have nothing to hold onto and keeping your balance without tipping is not easy … but it has never happened until that morning. The dinghy started to tip towards the boat … he overcorrected his balance and fell to the outside into the sea – we were on a mooring in the Bite ( a big bay at Norman Island) with winds of about 26-29 knots howling and the current was horrendous! Probably between 3-5 knots! He had his shorts, sunnies and thongs on when he fell over, took the sandals and glasses into his hands and tried to swim back towards the stern of the boat … well … he was drifting backwards faster than he could gain distance and suddenly 35 meters became 50 meters !!! So he dropped his “luggage” and put in a massive effort (for a non-regular-swimmer) to get to the boat. Screaming for help would not have helped – it was too windy and no-one was up and about that early in the mornings! The next moment he basically fell into the bathroom … soaking wet and too out of breath to tell me what happened …

Wet shorts after an unfortunate accident!
Wet shorts after an unfortunate accident!
The sunnies were gone for good and we retrieved the thongs moments later…. I was freighted out of my wits thinking that I so almost lost the most important thing in my life!!!…my Captain and Best Friend!

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  1. luckly u still there…..and of course….the captain !! just be carefull you 2 !!! miss u alot !!

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