Having seen it all …means we can do what we want now!

The best way to sail is to not have much of a schedule and plenty of time … that is what it felt like the last 2 weeks! Seeing that we have been to all the islands and have done most of the things we have planned to …. We could afford to do just that!….We went sailing (just to get some practice and fine tune a few techniques with some of the manoeuvres) early in the morning and depending on how we felt at the time we would go into a bay where we might not have been before or loved so much that we had to go back! … and then just stay over without any plans for tomorrow!

Patrick, Gareth and Johann ... sharing ideas and notes before the crossing!
Patrick, Gareth and Johann ... sharing ideas and notes before the crossing!

One of our special stops was North Sound … The Bitter End Yacht Club again! This time it was all quiet – hardly any boats here … a true sign of the end of the sailing season … and I LOVE the fact that it is all slowing down… third time in Bitter end… this time we are here to wait for Chez Patrick (another South African Leopard 46 cat). We have met Patrick’s wife Sherryl in Cape Town but never met him. He and Johann have been talking on Skype sharing notes like old friends … so it was just delightful to finally meet Pat and his son Gareth at last in North Sound! It is terribly sad that Sherryl was not with them and that we could not spend more time together. Good luck on your crossing this weekend! Best of winds and weather for you!!! ..Hopefully we can share another bottle of Champaign in France!

The following day we ended up in Scrub Island Marina…. Johann was there one evening to use their Wi-Fi for a Skype conference and has there and then decided I need to be spoiled before we leave on the crossing… when I saw the place …I had to wonder what really was his motives and if he knows something about the crossing lying ahead of us that I don’t know about?

Scrub Island has a small but super smart Marina with the clearest water I have ever seen in any Marina ever! We had the use of the beautiful swimming pools and gym (we have decided to stay clear of the later in case it causes painful and stiff muscles in a few days’ time when we have to be tip top!!

Johann at the Pool's Pub at Scrub Island
The Pool Pub ... just the coolest place to be! 🙂

For the rest we just enjoyed the low season feel in a normally very busy little Marina … having a splendid time one night all by ourselves on the little beach in front of the Marina
Having a romantic moment ... a campaign picnic at sunset till the moon comes up!
… with a picnic basket … great Yarrabrun Champaign and great selection of French cheese and spreads and dips from the deli… (We initially wanted the marina to set it up for us with a little table and light … but the setup costs was $250 … so we thought to leave that for another day and do it ourselves 😉 )
It was sad to leave this lovely place after 2 days … but it was taking big bites out of our budget … so 2 days were just enough!
The exciting prospect of picking John (our good friend and third crew member for the leg between BVI and Bermuda) up today is a making up for the sad goodbye to Scrub Island! What is sad that each and every place is now burning it’s pictures into my brain … remembering the tastes of the BVI and making metal notes of the lingo, wonderful people, the special cocktails and the music!! (My word I will miss those steel-band sounds!)… I wonder if we would ever come back here …sadly maybe not … the list is just too long of places to see…I will surely miss it!

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  1. It looks so wonderful. You going to have a third crew member to Bermuda only or all the way.? Good luck for the crossing. We with you all the way. Love Yvonne

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