First two days on our way to Bermuda:

First two days on our way to Bermuda:
The most unwanted weather ? If I could give it back?I will?I did not order this at all!! No winds and the little bit that is coming our way is not from the right direction ? so the iron sails are working too much to our liking!
Yesterday?s highlight was the water spout (it looks like a miniature tornado on the see!) that was heading right at us! We had to change course to miss it and it only passed us about 300-400 meters on our port side! Hopefully that will be a good picture to post in Bermuda!
It was great that we could shut down the engine last night after deviating off the Rum Line to catch a bit more of that wind to average about 6.5 knots with both sails up? it stayed pretty steady during the night and it is always a relief if no sail changes is needed in the middle of the night!
The shifts of 4 hours during the day and 3 at night works fine? we struggled to get to bed on night one due to all the excitement? but after a day of catch-up sleep the smiles are back on all faces! Like my sister would have said ? I sounded this morning as if I?ve been sleeping in the knife drawer ? pretty edgy and sharp!
Anyway ? the fishing was pretty good today… at 8am we caught 2 tuna simultaneously on both the lines and just before lunch a nice medium size Mahi-mahi (Dolphin Fish)! Very exciting ? at least something is happening ? and it is not sailing!
We suspect the field is pretty stretched out at the moment ? and can only hope that all the boats will make it before noon on Saturday in Bermuda!

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