Not long to before Bermuda !

The last two days brought about nice winds and much better sailing! The captain kept the crew busy trying out every sail we have on board! We first had the magic Code Zero flying for quite some time and did fantastic speeds up to 8-9 knots but as the wind increased we had to take it down and surely with limited experienced crew before sunset!

This morning (10 May) we had to bring the Massive Code Zero down and bagged to put up the Genneker with much delight and plenty of muscle power used (it is a very heavy bag to carry from he port forward cabin to the deck and between me and John we have certainly earned a second cup of coffee after that bit of excursion! Sadly the nice speed of 8-9 knots on the Genneker was also short lived – about and hour and 15 min all up and had to come down due to increase of winds.
Old Goose wing (using the mainsail and the genoa in opposite directions like two wings on either side of the mast) is doing well at the moment catching every drop of the 17 knts of wind!

We hope to reach Bermuda at this rate around midnight tonight! Bring it on! Cannot wait to let you know what Bermuda looks like!

“Life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved” ! Cleaver words I have once read and love to live by!


2 thoughts on “Not long to before Bermuda !”

  1. Well done, so glad everything went well, good sign for what lies ahead, stay in touch so that we know what you are up to, looking forward to photos. Agree with that very wise words at the end, a good motto, live it up.
    Baie, baie liefde and only the very best — Ouma

  2. More and more jealous with each passing message we read! Enjoy – can’t wait for more photos.
    Love Yvonne

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