An Ipad ,a laptop, a rocking boat and some weird words !

An Ipad ,a laptop, a rocking boat and some weird words !

Having to type a blog on an Ipad – no matter where you are – is a challenge in itself! It decides which is the most appropriate word for you if the spelling is incorrect ( sometimes with a few options,granted!) and on a rocking boat where the curser is jumping wherever you don’t intend to have it, you often end up (sometimes unknowingly and mostly unintentional) with a few very interesting words or descriptions!

Due to the fact that I am never proof reading before sending the blogs off via email (as it all happens in the early morning hours a few minutes before the Captain starts the downloading!! – This only happens once a day to save the huge cost involve in connecting via satellite) it often gives me so much fun with a little bit of a red face afterwards rereading the entries!(The Captain finds very little amusement in it!Lol!)

So if you wonder how the “cherries” instead of “cherish” or “shit” instead of “shift” could have sneaked in – that is how! The problem with a remote email entry is that once you have sent it – you had it! You cannot correct it or take it back! So – just read between the lines and use your imagination all the time!Ha!

It might be an idea in future to involve the Captain (who can be very critical about my contents at times!) on this little effort to cut out the red face errors!

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