Arriving in the Azores after one hell of a crossing!

Ahoy Azores!!!
What a relief!
We made it to the Azores!! Only the two of us!! Thanks to a wonderful Captain!!! (and I have to say a great yacht too! Thank goodness for cats!)

First picture of Faial Island - on our way to Horta (Azores)
Island of Faial - Azores ... our first picture!

It was a long but interesting crossing with many great moments, lots of time to read and very little sleep – due to the massive swells that would not allow too many moments of lying in the same position! But we got through it in one piece and no damage done to the boat! What a blessing! If I listen to what the other yachts have gone through, I am just relieved that we are ok and were on a Catamaran and not a mono-hull!
Frontal System threatening us!
Frontal System threatening us!

The second last day was just about the only day that the Captain thought it wise to put his lines in the water!… Long and behold, only 20 minutes both reels started to sing! I could not fight the force on the second rod of some massive fish on the other end of the line and got the captain to bring it in!
The pride of the Captain - a 22kg Yellow Fin Tuna! Sushi here we come!
The pride of the Captain - a 22kg Yellow Fin Tuna! Sushi here we come!
Two HUGE Yellow Fin Tunas! About 20-25kg ! Massive amount of fish is now filling my almost empty freezer!! It’s a good one the first one broke away just as we had it right at the boat! I would have had no more space in the freezer but unfortunately, a lot of our friends missed out on free tuna now!
The most unexpectedly wonderful place suddenly appeared out of the deserted North Atlantic ocean! Huge mountains Rolling hills of green and beautiful white (old and very European styled) buildings with their red tiled rooftops and street cafes full of local produce and good espressos are breathtakingly enticing! I am so excited to just get out there to see and taste this place!

Our thoughts are with the yachts that still need to come in and might have to withstand the massive 40 knot winds expected by Wednesday. Be save guys! We will wait for you on this side with a big G&T!

Our first morning in Horta ... beautiful and fresh!
Our first morning in Horta ... beautiful and fresh!

Rested and proud that we have done this on our own,we are ready for a few great days of land underneath our feet! That of cause does not mean I will do it ever again!
ARC Europe will go down in my archived memories as one of the best experiences, the most wonderful people and friends we have met, and the best happy hours!
Thanks to Lyle, Keirran and Nic for doing an excellent job ! You are now part of the family and will be dearly miss after the ARC!
We are ready to take on what ever is thrown at us! bring it on!

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