The first Island of the Azores: Faial … Horta is a picture!

Faial – Horta(the main town of Faial) … A wonderful experience!

Leaving our footprint(s) behind in Horta!
Leaving our footprint(s) behind in Horta!

What a wonderful surprise to see this beautiful island popping up after a long slog through heavy winds, no winds and big swells!
This little volcanic island with its old buildings and cobbled stone roads, decorated pathways and narrow alleyways has stolen our hearts! It has a very European feel to it and could have been anywhere in Portugal or even France for that matter!
Rolling hills of green pastures and white houses with red tiled roofs makes it a picture! “Farmers” often only have 3-10 milk cows and each will have his own patch of veggies and fruit trees! Life is slow and peaceful on this island!
My pictures tell the story!

You will need Adobe Flash downloaded to see the picture slide show underneath every post I made!

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