I’m talking Rubbish! :-)

This picture is actually the only rubbish we had after 12 days at sea
This picture is actually the only rubbish we had after 12 days at sea!

As we have arrived at the end of a fabulous North Atlantic crossing, I thought to share this (rubbish) hint with you! 🙂

This is how Scolamanzi managed to only have ONE small bag (the size of a shopping bag) and 3 water bottles of rubbish after 12 days at sea, with 2 crew members on board!

Organics and Biodegradables:
All food scraps, paper, cardboard, and glass items (provided it has been filled with water in order to sink – it will eventually disintegrate to sand) has been discarded to the bottom of the ocean where it will perish in time. The sea here is a few kilometres deep – contributing to no pollution to any divers, snorkelers, fishermen or yachtsmen.
All plastic containers (mayo tubs, water bottles etc) were kept to use in the “storage “of plastic wrapping or packaging. All of the above as well as the polystyrene and hard plastic gets cut up in small enough strips and forced into the empty plastic containers – it basically gets compacted into the containers. It is amazing how much you can fit in there if you use the back of a wooden spoon to compact it. The idea is to have less bulk at the end of the day. It also has another advantage: If you have plastic wrapping (e.g. from raw meat/ mince for example) then it will be sealed inside the plastic container (so keep the lid) and you will end up with no smelly bins either! (the secret is to buy food that has the minimum plastic packaging!)
Soft drink / beer cans:
These are nowadays made of very soft and pliable aluminium and can easily be squashed a flat – Taking up very little space!
The result is that you will have NO smelly rubbish and only a small bag to store on board and to discard of at the end of the trip! Worth doing at home too … especially if you have to pay for general rubbish to be picked up! Make your own little compos hole for the organics (it only needs to be little) and you will get the same effect!

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  1. Amazing! Some useful tips here for Cape Corsair, perhaps – although, I have to say, our rubbish contains mostly wine bottles!! Melxx

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