A scary big light approaching us the last night of the crossing!

We were about 30nm off the coastline. I have been on the dogwatch shift since 12am. It is an extremely dark night with no traffic in sight! I am just too happy to be able to engage in my book on IPad. I was really thankful for the steady going of the boat because I hate disturbing Captain J in the middle of his much needed watch!

As I do I glanced up from my IPad regularly just to ensure nothing is heading my way unexpectedly! All of a sudden this huge red light is right in front of me on the starboard side of the bow! Big light at night means only one thing – it is something very close by! My first reaction is to look at the AIS for a boat approaching …there was nothing … no boats around us!? Weird – I slowly feel a slight panic seeping through my thin layer of bravery … ok, is it a big warning light (Lateral Mark) or a weather buoy with a light of some sorts? It has a slight triangular look to it – well if it is … to avoid it means that I will have to swerve away which might cause an accidental jibe with sails going everywhere and the boom banging over … that will frighten the blue bellies out of Captain J – so I’ve decided to just wake him up – some drastic action needs to be taken, and pretty quick too!

I opened his hatch and give him the sort and disturbing news about this huge red light! I could hear him jumping up in a flash!(He always sounds like an elephant trying to do high-jump when he moves on deck!… which is good – that way I know where he is at least!)
I thought it took him a while longer than a normal emergency call… he opened the sliding door with a grin on his face: “It’s all good Henri?tte – that light is a long way off – in fact, a very long way off … you wouldn’t hit it! it is the moon rising over the horizon!” (red faced 🙁 but relieved I smiled back at him hoping he thinks it was a prank stunt from my side .. he did not!)
Well – seriously, since when is the moon red? Moon colour is silver, white or pearl but not red! It was a half moon coming up with a big cloud disguising the bottom half of it, leaving only a triangular shape of the African dust red moon on the horizon to play tricks with my mind! 😉

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