Puerto José Banús! The best idea Phil has ever came up with!

Entrance to Puerto  Banús!
Entrance to Puerto Banús!

Henriette : This is a blog the guys will have to contribute to. The reason is that they were so excited about going there that it would be unfair of me to do it all by myself! I will merely give you a run-up to the amazing visit of the most popular port on the Spanish coast – the Copa Cabana / Milan/Monaco/Vegas all in one of Spain! We made a reservation per phone to avoid disappointment and then the preparations started! This is where everyone with a big super yacht, super expensive vehicle, super long slender legs and a body to flaunt and muscles in six-pack form will go to show off the goods!
I’ve sensed the excitement and heard heavy planning and laughter going on outside on the deck but was blissfully unaware of what’s to come my way. The men have decided that for Scolamanzi to make a proper entrance to this flash marina (where everybody is staring at the boats coming in – in case there is a half-naked anchor girl on the deck or a celebrity!) I will have to get myself into top form (I should have had a bit of warning a few weeks ago! 🙂 into my bikini (!) and that Phil will look the part (neatly attired with a cigar in hand) and the Captain will be oozing self confidence in his Cuban hat! Well – I thought it was hilarious! I hate walking around in swimwear never mind bikini’s but I will play their game but their hopes for a topless bikini-girl were squashed there and then!
All dressed for the big entrance to Entrance to Puerto  Banús!
All dressed for the big entrance to Entrance to Puerto Banús!

So we arrived in style! Mission accomplished (I thought!) …There were a few stares – I think the oddness of a big catamaran anywhere in the med was more the reason than a bikini on board! I had to concentrate on what I am supposed to do (ropes and fenders etc.) and not laughing at Phil (looking like a super yacht crew with his very neat white colour cotton shirt and navy pants and cap … the cigar was not going to happen here…maybe later!) Johann did a splendid job with his berthing manoeuvres later on and it was a relive that the Passerelle ( that we have not used before at all!) is actually working fine and seems to be just the right size ( I did say “just” !)… so we can get on and off the boat at least! It was 2pm – siesta time for the next 2 hours before we can get to see the Le Marinero at the Marina office. We used the time to wander through the magic shops and the main drag packed with expensive cars and restaurants! It was clear that the dress code is certainly different from other places – it is high fashion time with lots of style!
I was desperate for some internet interaction by then – I needed to post some blogs (pre-written) and pictures on the website seeing that we have magic fast internet! The men left me in peace wondering off for a beer and to find a restaurant for the night!
A lovely night out
A lovely night out

When they got back at about 7pm – very jolly I must add – I was informed that I will have to pull a hare out of a top hat and put on the sexiest body-hugging outfit I have – preferably a leopard printed one! Ha! (Which of cause I don’t have! … I just spend 2 seasons in the easy going, casual Caribbean for goodness sake… smart sexy outfits did not feature there!). I was tempted to follow Andrea Treleaven’s advice (“Letters from the Med”) and go and buy new clothes before going out … but time was ticking by and I was not going to miss out on a minute’s action! I did my best to be as stylish as possible in a black satin min pleated skirt and my only pair of heels! Well … talking about heels … it appears that I have not yet own the real McCoy! Heels take on a totally different meaning here … they are neck-breaking high and stunning! Only after I have seen all the shoe shops did I realise where the fashion is coming from! Phil and I have decided that that is the next necessity I will have to add to my limited wardrobe! 😉 Of we went – all dressed to kill – the boys looked stunning and it was great walking the promenade between the two of them!

Take it away boys– the stage is yours to give your view of the events!

Lamborghini's on every corner! And that in Matt Black!?
Lamborghini's on every corner! And that in Matt Black!?

Johann: Well what can you say about a marina that at the entrance have a larger than life bust of Don Juan. This is a place that celebrates bodies and cars. If you have it then you come here to flaunt it. If it is not a Bentley or a Roller then a Lamborghini or Ferrari may do. Past our table at dinner and within 3 arm lengths’, half a year’s production of Lambo’s passed us. Almost all resprayed to the owners particular taste and mostly in matt. And then there were the girls, girls and more girls. Very therapeutic environment for an old bloke like Phil. A great time was had by all and 3 bleary eyed sailors left the marina at 0930 after very little sleep. We are sure to return!
Johann and Phil enjoying the moment
Johann and Phil enjoying the moment

Phil: Reading exactly what the Doctor ordered fills me with hope for the future. Rarely have I seen so many swaying hips and girls with shoes you needed a ladder to climb in to; and I have to say I did enjoy both sight and sound of high powered cars and bikes promenading in high style in equal measure. I dressed as deck crew, Henriette looked extremely expensive, a hostess with the mostess; and Johann was the captain scarlet of our ship. Everything that night was “”mucho grande”” ,beers, wines, the bill; and the smile on Johann’s face. Worth crossing an ocean for, I guess!
Puerto José Banús!
Puerto José Banús!

Henriette: The last stop for a “loop-dop” (one for the road) was at a very busy corner pub. Phil was the only one with cash and we had to turn to him for payment! Needless to say – it was not cheap! He had this big smile on his face, pulled out his wallet and flipped it open – “Well guys …..Help yourselves! Anyone who is a member of the Scolamanzi-team feel free!” Ha Ha! Johann (very reluctant but thankful) took 20 Euro out of his wallet to pay for the drinks. By the second round he just took the whole wallet!
Amazed by the time it was (3.45am!) we strolled back with the music and engines still roaring in the background. The tide has gone out and Passerrelle is now hanging right down – halve way between the dock and the waterline! It was (as everything else that has happened at that time in the morning) was quite hilarious to see the two dressed-up guys struggling to get it back on the dock in order to cross it! The next funny moment comes when the Captain (dressed in his snazzy white Kaporals Jeans, made a huge mess on them with his chocolate H?gendas ice-cream! Phil’s witty remark: He has just stuffed up his changes of going back to the fun!…as well as Johann’s disgusting look on his face, made my day!
A few hours later a conspicuously quiet, bleary eyed crew left Puerto Banús … with a quiet smile every now and then … reliving the funny moments and comments that has been made!
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5 thoughts on “Puerto José Banús! The best idea Phil has ever came up with!”

  1. Scolamanzi,it’s always nice to read what you experience! What a priviledge to travel the world like this. Henriëtte thanks for your blogs,enjoyed it so much!You have a way to describe things-amazing! PS….nothing wrong with your entrance look- you have what it takes! Enjoy the Spanish glitz and glamour!Hasta Luego! ERNA

  2. Oh Erna!! … it is as much a pleasure for me to do and share with you as I hope it is for you to read! Wish you were here to help me out with the Spanish!! 🙂

  3. I really wish I could have come with Phil to sail with you guys – it seems as though I have missed out on one hell of a holiday. Hopefully Phil will bring me one hell of a present back! Mel xxx

  4. Only now find out I have multi-millionare son! How about one of those snazzy cars for you mom’s big birthday next year?? Must say the 3 of you really looked the part there, think of us poor souls at home, lots of love – MaXXXXXXXXXXX

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