Ibiza (City) … via Cala Telamanca

As we sailed straight pass Ibiza’s harbour entrance to the next little bay, Cala Telamanca, we could see the ancient town of Ibiza with its (prominent) “Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows” and we knew there and then that this is a place we will have to stay for a few days! There is just too much to see!

Ibiza with the Cathedral towering above the old city
Ibiza with the Cathedral towering above the old city

About the “Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows” : “ It is a cathedral built in the thirteenth century. It is Gothic but the inside is Baroque. In the seventeenth century it was renovated and therefore has interior works of art in the Renaissance style. This cathedral pays homage to Santa Maria Maggiore and the Virgin of the Snows where the name comes from.”
Cala Telamanca offered us a wonderful safe anchorage (while the wind and swells are favourable) where we could easily leave the boat for a day and walk across (about 20 min walk) to Ibiza. To top it off there was absolutely no wind and Scolamanzi looked happy and content with her little spot.

First things first – we had to get to a place where we could watch the finals of the Euro Soccer 2012 between Spain and Italy. I was nagging about this the whole day long!

A view from the restaurant in Cala Telamanca - Euro Soccer 2012 finals venue
A view from the restaurant in Cala Telamanca - Euro Soccer 2012 finals venue

Anchoring means that someone needs to go for a swim and snorkel on the anchor to make sure it is secured. We both ended up swimming in the lovely clear water. A quick shower and we were ready to go for a big night out! Our friendly neighbour dropped by to let us know where they found save anchorages and nice calas and about the free Wi-Fi and.… which I (to my frustration!) have never found!

At about 6pm we were ready to go ashore to the restaurant (knowing it will soon be packed as we could see the big flat screen TV’s everywhere!) We have decided to just relax at the restaurant with a drink and wait for the soccer game to start at about 8.45pm and have a meal there. This was our first encounter with a Spanish Paella! (Somehow we have just not done it in all the time in Spanish waters!) My previous paella in Spain was about 25 years ago in Madrid and it was, to say the least, absolutely horrible, dry and very insipid! This however was a totally different dish! Delicious and made with the most wonderful variety of local seafood and Arborio rice! We got hooked on paella from there onwards and many more were to be served on our travels to our table for two!

It was with great excitement that we celebrated the landslide of a win by Spain and the litres of Sangria and “cervezas grandes” were carried out to the tables in mass! And celebrations went on till the early morning hours!

Ibiza – our target for the next day was to give our dirty washing in at a “lavanderia” (my washing machine has given up on the job already in Gibraltar!) and then hit the old city and spend the entire day walking around the lovely buildings and cosy shops!

The old city is very impressive. What is fantastic is that it is still used as accommodation by ordinary people and most of the houses on the peninsula have got a few rooms to let out to tourists (B&B) with a restaurant on the rooftop. It is still a working city! We were wondering through the cobbled stone alleyways and having an espresso when we need to give tired feet a rest.

D’Alt Villa, a fortress, literally towers above the town of Ibiza. From the top of the fortress you can soak in magnificent views of the harbor below and it just gives you a feel of the size and layout of the city of Ibiza. Being a clear day, we could see the next island, Formentera and the bay where Scolamanzi is waiting patiently ( Cala Telamanca) in quiet waters.
D’Alt Vila actually means the ‘High Town’ and as you descend through the narrow and winding streets you can see why. At each level of your descent you can find beautiful views of the harbor greeting you.

By lunch time Johann picked the spot to have something to eat and drink ! That on its own is always dangerous as he has expensive taste! I warned him and as soon as I’ve seen the menu I knew we are in for a big bill!
But the spot was perfect and I was just too happy to rest my tired feet! Across from our table was a small clothing shop that was busy closing for siesta and to our left was a lady already sitting in her chair in front of her house – already in a deep state of siesta! The road is winding down hill to more shops and beautiful sceneries and it was easy to see why this was his choice … under a shaded veranda and a cool breeze, it makes for a very long lunch break! As the captain said: “You pay that much because one can just feel how culture is seeping into your veins – almost like an osmotic proses” … who am I to disagree!

You need to understand that the shops here are on a totally different level! The best European brands and fashions in pretty little old buildings make it very difficult not to buy something. My only problem was …the captain was shopping with me! Never a good idea! So he promised me to take the next day “off” to go shopping for myself! I had a list of 5 items I was drooling about! He connected with Hugo Boss (that I discovered that evening when I saw all the bags lying around!) There are summer sales everywhere – up to 50% discount and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. (We’ve never agreed that he would have a day of shopping? Ha!)

Shops to die for!
Shops to die for!

So the next day arrived – I was showered and dressed by 6.30am! So eager to get going! That is when Captain J stepped out to announce that the weather is changing and now is a weather window we cannot miss to go all the way to Mallorca! Favourable wind… so at last there might be a sail going up – but it is a long way (8 hours) to do in bad weather. My shopping spree aborted there and then and my bleeding discussed and dissatisfaction were palpable! But I am only the first mate …and my Captain promised to bring me back to Ibiza on our way back to Spain mainland. I know the specials will be gone by then – but that is his problem, I guess!

I cannot wait to go back – for all different reasons – Ibiza is wonderful and we have only seen a sliver of it. As one of the information leaflets states: Every music aficionado’s dream comes true in Ibiza and could be termed the spiritual home of literally every DJ worth his name anywhere in the world. Such is the importance of the place when it comes to music. From rock to techno-fusion and house, you can listen to them all here.
Well… there you go! The nightlife is still out there for us to explore! Another time, same place!:-)

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