Carla Portinatx: our last stop-over in Ibiza island

Cala Portinatx as we left it... with a few stars missing in the well travelled Aussie flag!
From Ibiza (city) we had to make our way up to the north eastern part of Ibiza (Island) in order to get the shortest point of approach to Mallorca – It will mean one more night on the Island of Ibiza. The coast looks wonderful and every now and then we duck into a cala just to have a quick look. The most impressive one had no development at all and the only building was a huge lighthouse on the one end of the cala and the other side had an enormous high and very steep cliff.

A fabulous cala ... extreme rock formations and very high cliffs!
A fabulous cala ... extreme rock formations and very high cliffs!

It almost looks like it was formed after a landslide of one half of the hill that tumbled down into the see! The water was really deep until you are almost 50 meters away from the shore. The deep indigo blue water and crisp blue sky formed just a perfect frame for this picture!

Cala Prtinatx ... a great anchorage!
A small beach with heaps of water-fun ... the men enjoying it more than the kids!

At about 4pm we entered a cala that is by far my favourite of all the ones in Ibiza: Cala Portinatx! It is a small one with minimum development – a few restaurants and two beaches with rocks on the side that makes it even more spectacular. The water was as clear as you will get it . Snorkelling on the anchor revealed that it was not quite in a sandy patch, so Johann dove down, picked it up and wedged it into a sand patch – about 10 metres deep! But we were safe and had a great spot!
The activities on the water were anything from banana boat or big tubes pulled behind a ski boat to paddled “water cars” with families and small kids or topless girls going for a tan out on the water.
Pedal cars for the little and the big boys!
Pedal cars for the little and the big boys!

A well protected bay but going ashore meant no dinghy dock but only a rock close to the beach to tie it down onto. I had to get my timing right to jump of onto the flat rock to keep the dinghy in place for Johann to tie it down. The jump was almost missed timed and I got pretty close to a very unwanted and unexpected swim with my special dining out clothes! Ha! That would not have gone down well with me but Johann was ready for a big laugh!

We had a fantastic table right on the edge of the promenade were we could see both beaches and a lovely view over the blue water to where Scolamanzi was waiting. The most disappointing thing of this bay is that all my onshore pictures failed to come out due to a memory card failure! Very sad but what an evening! – the Paella was absolutely delicious and so was the sunset!
We left at 5.45 am the next morning to take on the 8 hour trip across to Mallorca!

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