Heading for Mallorca: getting to know Palma de Mallorca

The best spot you can find in Palma!
The best spot you can find in Palma in a marina!

Sailing across to the biggest island of the Balearics was quite an exciting thought – all new territory to us and what was more exciting to me was that Mallorca was the last place my mom and dad visited before retired and stopped travelling.
We know we have to get at least as close as possible to half way to Palma but could not help going into the odd Cala, Playa or just a nice bay to have a quick look – we were stunned by the amazing rocks and mountainous look of the island. First impression was that it is much more developed and certainly more up-market than Ibiza. The holiday complexes and resorts were bigger and more flash and the single houses were beautiful and huge!

Cala de Santa Ponsa was where we have decided to overnight before heading for Palma de Mallorca the next day -A much less impressive bay with a string of holiday apartments fringing all around the bay. We went ashore to get some fresh bread and had a quick walk-around. There were a couple of big beaches with umbrellas of all kinds on it – from fold up ones to thatched ones with people soaking up the sun as if it is going to stop shining the next day! Every apartment that do not have a beach front have a concrete stretch where more sun seekers are laying on sunbeds… terrace upon terrace! Amazing !

A mermaid.....Soaking up the sun
A mermaid.....Soaking up the sun
But I guess that is what they come for? The other mind blowing thing about this place was the amount of restaurants! It is unbelievable! We thought it was more affordable accommodation and restaurants and we have noticed quite a bit of young people travelling in groups (maybe backpackers or package deals from the UK?)

We knew Palma will take our budget to the edge and decided that the free anchoring and a meal on board will save us some of that money we will undoubtedly spend in Palma! Another great sunset and a sirloin steak on the BBQ made up for where we were. We left again before the sun was properly up – heading for the big smoke!

On our way there Johann somehow got hold of Rob from Laguz (whom we last had contact with in the BVI but heard from family of his, Phoebe, that they are in Mallorca). Rob gave us the heads-up on where to stay in Palma, which was the best advice we’ve had in a long time! He suggested Marina La Llonga. This turned out to be an excellent choice!! … Berthed with the big Cathedral of Palma as a backdrop and only 4 min walk from there! The price for the marina was more than reasonable with water and electricity for free (or included!) It was just a fluke that we got hold of Rob! Sadly we would again miss out on a nice get-together with them as they were getting ready to move on shortly after we have arrived!

Palma de Mallorca … this should be on everyone’s list of the 10 places to see before you die!
Well what can I say? Where do I start? This is a city that should be described by a poet! It is that amazing!
We could not wait to walk to the Cathedral – by far the biggest and best preserved one we have ever seen! Walking around the Cathedral took us at least an hour! The stonework is outstanding and the complimentary plants, trees, water features and artwork surrounding it make it a fantastic building!

Palma is a city to walk around in. The architecture is wonderful and so are the gardens! With artists sitting around in the public gardens selling their artwork you cannot help to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. So Walking we did! My feet were stressed out and I felt as if I have run a marathon! But as soon as it was night time – I was ready for the next stretch! We had to go out for tapas and drinks (a Tapas is just about the size of a full meal!) and watching the city at night is spectacular! The Cathedral is beautifully lit up at night and so are the Museums, Castell and other old prominent buildings. Besides that … if you don’t care for old buildings, the restaurants are beautiful and everywhere in the small winding alleys! Even the shops are – most shops stay open till about 8.30pm! So all in all … it is a great Idea to get out at night in Palma!

The city is alive with music and from the two guitarists playing classical Spanish guitar in the gardens to the rock band we bumped into on the plaza! To make sure we will always remember Palma’s music, we went to a Jazz Bar (they have all different genres playing on different nights) and listened for 2 hours to a trio playing Cuban music! Absolutely magic!
Palma has shops for everyone! From the big name brands to the smaller boutiques …but Palma has pretty amazing shops if you are looking for shoes and bags! Leather items are cheap and very well made! No wonder the people are so well dressed and almost always in high hills as soon as the late afternoon arrives!

And then there is the fish market!
And then there is the fish market!
Fresh veggies and salads for the day
Fresh veggies and salads for the day
The weakness in my armour...all at the Markets!
The weakness in my armour...all at the Markets!

Our other great experience in Palma was going to the Local Market “Mercat de Santa Catalina” ,the Ham delicatessen shops and the deli in the supermarkets with their massive range of aged ham (jamon) and cheeses (queso)! ! Say no more… we could not think of any better lunch as a fresh baguette, jamon y queso!
Palma is an equation of good food, great music, plenty of boats and massive yachts , beautiful people and enormous amounts restaurants and shops and outstanding architecture … and THE Cathedral! You need to be here, taste it, hear it and live it in order to know what I am trying to explain! I hope my pictures are doing a better job than my words!
I am so glad we have to go back to Palma to pick up my sister that will join us for a while! I cannot wait!

So she did and our main aim was some bag shopping and a visit to see the inside of the Cathedral! How amazing! The second tallest in Europe! It is huge and very well preserved and renovated! We were lucky enough to attend a Mass on the Saturday morning before we have left Palma. An experience I will never forget!

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