The Coast of Calas – Mallorca’s famous East Coast

Cala Pi with its lovely water!
Cala Pi with its lovely water!

The Coast of Calas:

The stretch of coast that we will encounter for the next 5 days (after having left Palma going up the South East coast) will probably set a picture of the Island of Mallorca in my mind forever! The coast of the calas is exactly what it says.
A Cala is a relatively small but deep indentation into a rocky coastline. They normally have a narrow entrance and open up in a rounded protective area that sometimes have shallower sandy patches for anchoring and sometimes even a beach. As soon as the beach comes into the equation, you can be sure to find some degree of development there. The water is mostly crystal clear with turquoise blue on sandy patches and where the cala is too deep to anchor, moorings might be available and the colour of water is there almost an indigo blue. Either way – they are all very pretty!

There are just too many of them to go to all of them – literary hundreds of them! So we picked a few to have a quick lunch break, sailed on passed many more and find one early afternoon to overnight in. The wonderful part of it is that they are hardly ever packed with yachts and mostly have only a few customers left by the time the sun sets. Smaller motorboats would make their way back home shortly after lunch and the cala will then become a peaceful (no water sports and testosterone charges around! ?) dwelling for the rest of the day.

Rock limber trying to get on top ....
Rock limber trying to get on top ....

Cala de Santa Ponsa was one nothing spectacular, but we needed some fresh fruit and veggies and bread and found all of that and a massive amount of restaurants ashore (which we for a change gave a miss!)
A brief pit stop at Cala Pi for lunch was quite special but quick. It was here that we found a rock climber (a very popular sport here in Mallorca with so many high cliffs and huge caves!) on one of the overhanging massive rocks! We watched him falling down once but by the time we left the cala, his progress was astonishing and he almost mad it all the way to the top at an angle and height that is frightening!
We only stayed for a short while in order to get to our overnight stop at Cala des Carbo – where we overnight where we enjoyed a quiet sunset after departure of all the wake makers have left! I hate it when they charged up and down a meter or two from the boat, leaving us to roll back and forth in their wakes. A few shouts and finger signs have flown around at times to indicate our disgust in their inconsiderate behaviour!

All the way , sailing (or rather motoring in less than 4 knots of wind!) we were stunned by how many beautiful mansions are stringed on the cliffs! Just every house about with concrete steps leading from the house all the way down to the see – to almost an exclusive swimming area with stainless steel stepladders going down into the sea! Enormous amounts of development in tourist accommodation let us wonder just how many beds this island has!?
We made our way all the way around the most southern tip of Mallorca to Porto Colom … what a surprise that was!

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