KOBAS: as small but interesting village in the Stronki Kanal

At Kobas  - Johann securing Scolamanzi on the Restaurant's dock (restaurant in the back ground)
At Kobas – Johann securing Scolamanzi on the Restaurant’s dock (restaurant in the back ground)

KOBAS: a small place with only 5 houses on the water’s edge (and about that much more inland) and 3 restaurants in the Stonski Kanal (part of mainland Croatia). We docked onto the restaurant’s dock – it felt so strange to dock to a rickety jetty like that! It was awesome! Such an interesting community! The deal is you eat there, and you get the dock, water and electricity for free. I guess the dock fees are hidden in the food prices, but it was an amazing experience and a fabulous place to visit!
The olive press
The olive press
Massive Olive trees - about 350 -400 years old
Massive Olive trees – about 350 -400 years old

We took a walk up the hill to get a few shots of Scolamanzi in the little bay and in the process walked through pine and conifer forests, ancient olive groves and interesting vineyards to the other side of the island. On our way back, we discovered an olive press dating back to the 16th century. When asking the manager of the restaurant about it, he was very keen to unlock the doors and show and explain to us how the whole olive press is working – the magic was that they are still using the same gear that was used 500 years ago!

That night we had fresh muscles in a tomato-based sauce, flat oysters from Ston (where they are cultured) – the best oysters I have ever had! To die for! Those were starters. We have tried a carafe of their own red wine made there on that farm and a fresh bread and home-made olive oil with two of the most perfectly BBQ fish! Rugged but roaring with flavours! – It was a meal for a king! The olive oil got to me big time, and I had to go back after dinner to buy a litre of their own cold press olive oil for about $10. An gold award winning oil last year at the New York International Olive Oil Competition! It must have been for a delicate blend – it is delicious!

What a night! The people running the restaurant are as colourful! The one couple is taking care of all the food – We even watched how his wife went down to the water to clean the fish! So simple and fascinatingly wonderful!
The other couple are the entertainers … the husband (after way to many beers throughout the day while waiting for customers to dock and a few packets of cigarettes) served the tables (we were only 4 boats / tables) and his young wife has the looks …she looked so out of place with her sexy black number and long black hair – pretty and young with gel nails
and high heels … but she was at least the little flower in the desert as far as fashion and beauty is going.

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  1. @lientjie : It is an awesome part of the world! Croatia is very special – the food, the nature and the people are super friendly and helpful! Love it here! Will see you shortly in Lefkas!

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